When in Rome.


Moving to the midwest, it was only inevitable that I would get into Fat Bike racing.



Almanzo 2016


It was a windy and cold one out there!


A year Later


A year Later

This time last year, I was learning to walk again. Now I’m getting fit and conspiring to race again soon. Sometimes you have to lose a lot to realize how good you have it. It’s been a wild past year and I’m more appreciative for all that I have more now that ever.

The Big One


Awesome work by Zack Vestal and Mavic.  Makes me miss Colorado so much, but I”ll be back to ride these roads soon!

A short will.


A short will.

Great poster from 44bikes.com

Moots Minotaur


Moots Minotaur

Awesome Moots monster cross bike featuring the Whisky 9, thru-axle fork.


Richard Sachs (ATMO) is a frame builder who lives in infamy. Known for his meticulous construction, decade long wait list and extremely expensive steel frames (5K), he also has a very prominent cross team out east, which supports some very fast regional pros.

Many current top pros came through his program including current national champ Jonathan page. In addition to being the nearly the only steel frames and forks ridden by pros, Richard Sachs has always had cool partnerships over the years and the team is a staple of east coast cross.

This year, he partnered with House IndustriesImage

(design+type nerds rejoice!). The result is a classy, simple site and team bike and kit.

Great helmet


Great helmet

Props to Greg Minaar for a great show of support for Nelson Mandela.

Wolf Tooth


With the single ring setup being mostly dead the past couple of seasons, I think it could (and should) come roaring back this year with the new Wolf Tooth rings. We’ve been testing these and the result is a bike that’s a half pound lighter and doesn’t drop it’s chain.

Or you could just race a belt drive single speed. That’s how I usually roll.