Sugarloaf, Ned, Cold!


This weekend Colorado finally had some clear roads and the weather on Saturday was niiice … sans the 25 mph winds coming off the mountains. Everyone in Boulder was going to the group ride leaving from Amante, but my friends and I envisioned a packed group ride full of guys who hadn’t been riding outside much. Next we imagined heading out on highway 36 as the winds gusted them all off the road.

This was the only time I wasn’t sucking wind the whole ride:


We decided to go on our own and there was only one way to go. Up! That’s right, we opted to climb for over an hour and a half. First up Canyon road, where Ralph decided to see who was feeling good. Well, it wasn’t me. I knew he was feeling good when I had to shift into my big ring to stay on his wheel, on a climb! Not exactly what I needed after my first full hard week on the bike after my year end break. Then we climbed Sugarloaf, which at some points is insanely steep, in fact as steep or steeper than most Tour de France climbs. I was toast. I just wasn’t feeling it today. Within an hour our 60 degrees and sunny weather had turned. As we hit the dirt road covered with snow and met up with Peak to Peak highway I could tell it was going to snow. After all, we were now 3000 feet higher than 2 hours before.

Halfwheel-Hendy in front of the coffee shop:


We rode into Nederland and hit the train car coffee shop. My chilled bones warmed up quickly with a cup of coffee and a cute Barista. We then went to head down the mountain. Before getting back on Canyon to start the 30+ minute decent, we all looked at each other. It was clear we were thinking the same thing. We’re taking the bus down.

Our Cross/Winter bikes waiting for the bus:


This is rare, but when it’s snowing, bombing down a decent at 40 + mph on a snowy road isn’t the best idea. We swallowed our pride.

Kelly loading his bike up:


We caught the bus and within a few minutes we were back in Boulder. Not as much time in the saddle as I wanted, but it was fun.

 G n R:



4 Responses to “Sugarloaf, Ned, Cold!”

  1. Ralph took me up to that coffee shop when I came out to boulder last march. It was a series of him riding me off his wheel, him doubling back to pick me up, lather rinse, and repeat.

    Ride well,


  2. Not much fun descending in the slop huh? Might be out to see ya’all in a week or two.

  3. 3 Nick

    Say hey to Ralph. Yeah, and Bart, too. Don’t know you, Garret, but look out for that tongue. It looks suspect.

  4. 4 Ray

    Son: Looks like your having the time of your life! That’s what it’s about. Leaving for the Valley in three weeks. Call you sis.

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