Denver – Boulder



While the mountains were pounded with even more snow, the front range was again granted sunlight and clear roads. Although it was a bit chilly, it was a great weekend of riding. After last winter, I feel so blessed to be able to get in a few solid outdoor rides this time of the year.


Saturday started around 9. I decided against the group ride in Denver and opted for some solitude on the roads and a solid few hours of climbing. After warming up on 32nd en route to Golden, I then tackled a few trips up and down (brrr) Lookout mountain. Early on, I had the mountain to myself, but as the temperatures continued to climb, so did my number of fellow riders. A few times during the ride, I looked over to see young elk keeping me company on the cliffs.


After feeling rough last weekend and some of last week, I was feeling good on Saturday. Not unreal, but good. After eating my lunch on the bike, I rode back down to Denver and finished the 4+ hour ride with some laps around Washington Park.


Then, it was up to Boulder to hang with Half-wheel Henderson and his lovely family friends for some fun … and of course, more riding!



After a nice breakfast, we decided to hit the road …. and gravel. Some of the best climbing around Boulder is on quite steep dirt roads. After climbing near Bow mountain and traversing though some super secret dirt roads, we made our way to Sunshine climb. We then made our way up the steep, dirt switchbacks to the old mining town of Gold Hill. Dropping down into Gold Hill we had the most amazing view of some 12,000+ ft. snow covered peaks.


After a quick stop for a coke, we tried to decided how to get back home. Somehow, the idea of decending LickSkillet and taking Left Hand Canyon down to Boulder sounded good. After nearly dying going down Lickskillet, which was both ice and rock covered, we made found ourselves on a 40 mph decent down the shady Left hand canyon. My face and body was absolutely frozen within 5 minutes. We then decided to climb back up over to Linden and drop down into Boulder. All in all it was a solid 3 hours, mostly climbing. To top things off, the sun was shining and my legs were feeling good.

Heaven on earth? Yes.


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