Riding … the white! Vail and Breckenridge.


Although I was born above 6500 feet among the snowy peaks of northern Arizona, I have never downhill skied or snowboarded. Weird huh? When I arrived in Colorado over a year ago, I decided it was time to dive in to the world of winter sports. After a few generous friends gave and loaned me most of what I needed to start snowboarding, I finally decided to learn.

Day 1 – Eldora Mountain

I decided before going up for a snowboarding trip with good experienced friends, I needed to take a lesson. Eldora is located about a half hour from Boulder right above Nederland, which is most cyclists favorite place to stop for coffee. It is a decent mountain, but it can be cold and windy, so it isn’t the most popular. It was a great place to learn and I intend to go back up as the lift tickets are cheap.

Within a few hours I was riding the mountain and stringing turns together. I instantly loved it and I was hooked. It seems I picked it right up. The remainder of the afternoon was spent riding and getting better. Unfortunately, around 2 pm I had a near collision with another snowboarder and took myself down on purpose to avoid him. When I put my right arm down to catch myself (huge mistake) I felt a shock of pain. My elbow had locked up and the tendons around were instantly swollen. I could still move it, so I kept riding. I’m pretty sure it isn’t broken.

With an old friend flying in from Arizona for some snowboarding in Vail and Breck, I decided to wrap it and keep riding … of course! I could still move it, so I figured I’d just be careful. Injury is a big reason I’ve held off on trying snowboarding for so long.

Day 2 & 3 – Vail and Breckenridge

Vail was super fun. It is a steep mountain and wan’t the most forgiving place for my second day, but I stepped up to the challenge and pushed my boundaries. My arm firmly wrapped, I rode and enjoyed the hell of out of a cold sunny day. We finished the day out having some drinks in Vail village, which was a lot of fun.


Vail Village


Vail blue run


Erin about to Charge

Since the lift tickets were good at Breckenridge and Aspen, we decided to go to Breck the next day. Vail was cool, but we needed some variety. I instantly liked Breckenridge more. The giant halfpipe and snowboard park made it clear that Breck was much more friendly to snowboarders and the town and mountain was gorgeous! The runs were wide open and the snow was great.


Gondola ride from Downtown to the base. Oh yeah!


Breck halfpipe and park.


Before one of our last runs.

Other than some cool guy stealing my (Scotty P’s) gloves, the day was great! After a few days riding, my skills improved dramatically and I’m thoroughly hooked on snowboarding. I can’t wait to go back up! I’m stoked to have another sport I can pour some passion into … especially in the winter, a time I usually don’t look forward to due to the indoor training and cold weather riding I endure on my bike.


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