Spring already? Not so fast …


This past weekend was a nice chance for me to relax, catch up on some freelance and get in some great training. It seems since I returned from the Dominican in September, I’ve been going 100mph with work, travel, etc. After canceling my trip to Boulder to train with some friends when I found out my host and his whole family had the flu, I decided to log my prescribed 8 hours on my own closer to Denver.

With temperatures in the 50s and 60s with sunshine, I was stoked! This time last year, the front range was covered in snow and ice and I hadn’t been outside yet. Between Saturday and Sunday I logged over 8 hours of solid, hard training. I climbed Lookout mountain 5 times total and on both days made it up in under 23.5 minutes, which for the middle of winter isn’t bad. Even better, I recovered well each night and had a great time taking in the awesome weather. I only wish we couldn’t take credit for the warm weather …

The best observation was a 60 year old dude walking up Lookout mountain with ski poles, bike shorts and no shirt. Unreal. Who needs a shirt when it’s 50 outside? It was warm, but not that warm. I couldn’t understand why he had nothing on, but then I realized maybe he was trying to work on his tan … but then it became clear he had already done so in a tanning booth. He was a deep shade of orange. To each his own … I’m just happy seemed to be enjoying the day. He got me laughing and put a smile on my face to match my pain as I charged up the mountain.

Ok, It’s almost February and I am itching to race! Only another month of training posts …img_0297.jpg

Yep, that’s how long I was turning the pedals over this weekend.


Crazy hang glider on Lookout mountain.


3 Responses to “Spring already? Not so fast …”

  1. what? you didn’t even MENTION triathletes!
    you must be stupid.

    glad to see that you have this blog going. it’s good to see pictures of half wheel and kelly, and the classic team jj kit in action.

    it would take some adjusting to see mountain vistas all the time instead of fields and construction zones.

    erin? hmmmmm…..

    keep us posted. i’ll put a link to you at the sermonette.

  2. 2 James

    You need to show graphs and charts on how hard you are working. We can’t just take your word on it.

  3. 3 Garrett

    James –

    Sorry, but you won’t find graphs and charts … I like to share is my experiences, not data.

    You’ll just have to take my word for it.

    Thanks for reading



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