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A great sunset view on my ride: Had another solid weekend of training up in Boulder. The group rides are becoming insanely fast. Looking down at your computer to see you are going 30 and you still need to pull through is rough this early, but I’m sure it will pay dividends by mid-late spring. […]

The lonely road


This past weekend, I stayed in Denver and did some solo long rides. While I thought I would get outside both days, Sunday I had to take it indoor. Kind of a bummer, but that’s what you have to do sometimes. When it’s below 30, my lungs don’t respond well in the cold. Luckily, Saturday […]

While I have a lot of respect for Bob Stapleton for salvaging and resurrecting the team formerly known as T-mobile, I have to voice my disappointment with their new team High Road kit design. Who’s kid designed this anyway? I can only hope it looks better in person. Although I can deal with the all […]

Whew. Tough weekend. Not high on the hours, but Saturday is one of the hardest, early season windy rides I’ve experienced in some time. What happens when you have 25-30 mph winds and a bunch of top US pros on the front drilling it to test their form for Tour of California with 80 people […]

Just a quick note. It’s been a long week. Way, way too much of this: I did enjoy house/dog sitting this week for some friends in Boulder. Walking the dogs in the morning as the sun came up was a nice way to get rolling.

This past weekend, I made it back up to the Boulder-bubble for some training with the crew and a bunch of new faces. Although I love a good group ride, I’ve been avoiding them for some reason for the last year. It seems all I hear about is the crashes. There are a lot of […]