Bike Practice – Carter Lake deus


This past weekend, I made it back up to the Boulder-bubble for some training with the crew and a bunch of new faces. Although I love a good group ride, I’ve been avoiding them for some reason for the last year. It seems all I hear about is the crashes. There are a lot of mixed levels on a group ride and often times guys riding well above their comfort level. It can be more dangerous than a race at times.

With that said, I decided to brave it as I needed some quality tempo and surge training. Only a month until the Stazio crits start, so I need to be ready! Plus, I like meeting new people and diving into the Colorado cycling scene further.

Both Saturday and Sunday it was damn cold, but bearable. We did the Carter lake group ride both days although Sunday was a smaller turnout. I felt pretty solid both days, but I was stoked to make the front group over the climb on Sunday.

I think the coolest part of the ride Saturday was watching Successful Living pro Chuck Coyle smashing it on a fixed gear! Fixed gear bikes seem to be crazy popular, but usually it’s the townie variety you see. He was rocking a team Parkpre frame with a White industries Eno fixie hub and brakes (for the safety of everyone around him). Watching him stay on top of it while we were flying on the flats going 30 was sweet. Even cooler was watching him climb. Now that’s a hard-man!

Chuck Coyle in the break at Cascade


Having former US pro champ Eddy Gragus next to me wasn’t so bad either… it’s amazing who you get to rub shoulders with while riding along the front range. Also present were pros from BMC and Lipton.

No pics this week, my hands were too cold to dig around my pocket for the camera, but here is what Carter Lake looks like in the summer. It was a frozen block when we rode past.


Over and Out.



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