The lonely road


This past weekend, I stayed in Denver and did some solo long rides. While I thought I would get outside both days, Sunday I had to take it indoor. Kind of a bummer, but that’s what you have to do sometimes. When it’s below 30, my lungs don’t respond well in the cold.

Luckily, Saturday was beautiful. I rode up lookout to Genese park, then to Floyd Hill near I -70 and then looped it back home. It was a solid 5 hours of suffering by my lonesome.

Next week I’ll be back training in Boulder, I missed the bros and need more punishment before racing starts to make sure I’m ready to go.

Rockin’ it solo:


I didn’t see one car on this road:


I wouldn’t mind living in that little cabin:


Can’t complain about the scenery:




Grazing buffalo:


Hey buddy!:


After a solid build, I’m on a rest week … I needed it. I’m whacked!

The race bike and new team uniform should be here any day. Stay tuned for an update!

Thanks for reading.

Over and Out –



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