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Huge bummer. It was cold, but the snow and rain held and it would have been relatively nice during the race. Since the ACA didn’t update the site until the morning and I check the night before, I was stuck in Boulder in an empty parking lot, ready to race. Since I made the drive, […]

Colorado has a few road/circuit races usually held in the spring that are a nice imitation of the spring classics in Europe. Instead of cobbles, we have dirt roads. With Boulder Roubaix moved to later in the year, Koppenberg is 2008’s only Colorado spring “classic”. While I’m still coming back around from some issues with […]

ZING! Sorry Iowa peeps. You’re welcome to crash with me anytime!

Eventful weekend to say the least. Race Report: Well, the first race of the year didn’t go very well. The course was as hard as I thought it would be, as a matter of fact it was harder. A nice sweeping climb on the backstretch into wind was what got me. It was your classic […]

Pin me up.


As long as the weather holds, I’ll be pinning up for my first race of the year tomorrow. I’m really excited. After the March Stazio crits in Boulder were cancelled, I’ve been itching to race. Now that I’m feeling healthy, I’m ready to race! It’s a small crit in Greeley, Colorado The course could be […]

Feel the love.


You can find this sign at the base of Old Stage road near left hand canyon in Boulder: Must be nice to have so much spare time that you drive around back roads making additions to signs. I’d like to meet the piece of work who did this. I wonder what their politics are, education […]

Awesome game created by Cactus, a respected Denver Ad agency. Play now.

Showed up to the group ride Saturday in Boulder to find it littered with fast locals and more pros than usual. For a minute I thought I was at Toyota-United camp. Also represented were, Slipstream, Bissell, Healthnet and Jelly Belly team riders. Watch out, these guys will hurt you: It was a bit on the […]

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After again working a bit over the weekend, I was rewarded with leaving a little early from work today. Since Day Light Savings is here, I can nearly kiss the indoor trainer goodbye until next fall. I’m sure we’ll have more snow and some rough days, but having some extra sunlight is a huge boost […]