New Health.




In the past year, I’ve struggled with the demands of training and working full time. While my immune system has been pretty good, my mood, energy level and recovery from training isn’t very consistent. I’m at the level now where it’s the small things you do that all add up to a successful racing campaign.

In an effort to maintain and increase my health, well-being and fitness, while reducing stress — I’ve decided to mix it up a bit and add some new therapies and practices to my lifestyle. I want to feel stronger, lighter (mentally) and balanced in my life as I chase my dream of racing full time.

To start things off, I’ve sought the help of Kristin Savory, L.A.C, who is an incredibly talented, passionate person about her work. On Monday night, I received some Visceral Manipulation, Acupuncture and Nutritional consultation from her. The diagnosis? My adrenal system isn’t firing well right now and I have some muscular imbalances … she assures me all will be well soon, but I’m already feeling better!

She works with several top cyclists in the area and seems to be very excited to work with me and help me progress. I’m equally excited to work with her!

While the integrative medicine isn’t all that new to me, I’m excited to have someone to provide me with care on a regular basis. Her nutritional knowledge is immense and very progressive and I am really excited to see the effects my new diet will have on my training, racing and life.

Some small and big things I will be doing are eliminating processed wheat, canola oil, hydrogenated oil, soy and … get this … processed sugar. This one is going to be TOUGH. I love my ice cream, although I trust my sugar cravings will fade with time and a new diet.

I already eat mostly organic foods and have eliminated high fructose corn syrup from my diet, but this next round of changes is going to be pretty tough. Hopefully, some new foods, oils and vitamins will help fill the void while I’m making the changes. I will be eating mostly spout based breads, tortillas and bagels instead of processed wheat products.

I’ll also be eating more Olive, Coconut and Sunflower oil. To fill the void where processed sugar once was, I’ll be eating raw & unfiltered honey, agave, maple syrup and rapaduka. Kristin has even given me a recipe for a homemade energy drink(top secret) that will offer better nutrition, digestion and recovery on and off the bike. I’m also eating Larabar’s and a Clif product aside from my homemade snacks and drinks on the bike.

I am NOT, becoming a vegetarian or eliminating dairy … I will be editing how I eat meat and dairy. More to come on this later.

Lastly, I’m now using only food based vitamins. The idea here is instead of using chemically extracted vitamins for ingredients, food based vitamins are made by concentrating foods for use in supplements. I’ve decided to use one of the oldest and most trusted food based vitamin companies, Standard Process.

This all sounds very extreme, but I aim to blaze my path with progressive techniques. I would love nothing more than to race full time with the help of better nutrition and integrative medical care as opposed to chemically based supplements and doping.

Thanks to the Ruddick family for the excellent referral!!!


4 Responses to “New Health.”

  1. Dude.

    You’re using big words … I know you’re dope.

  2. 2 Riley, P

    Now I know where all my sweet corn “kob knobs” went. Hey man, keep ’em– they’re yours.

    ~Ancient Chinese Secret

  3. 3 Dad

    Son: Our fishing trip to Alaska this July should fit perfectly into your training process. As always – good luck and safe riding.


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