White Hot.


Meet my 2008 race bike:


Without race wheels, this bike weighs 15.5 pounds. In it’s short life, the Cervelo R3 has won a Giro de Italia and back to back Paris Roubaix along with countless Pro Tour races. This is literally my dream bike. After it’s maiden voyage I have a few conclusions: 1.) It’s scary fast 2.) It scary stiff 3.) It’s the best frame I’ve ever ridden.


Nearly everything is Carbon: Frame, Bars, Seatpost, and Crank.

I’ve always had very modest steads and in some cases, beat up old bikes. Last year I rode a back up frame, a Cervelo Super Prodigy, which is a great steel bike. I’ve been running pieces of a Dura Ace parts kit that is from 2001, so this is a massive upgrade for me.

I can thoroughly say that this year, my equipment matches my ambitions.

I can’t wait to smash some races aboard this worthy stead.

Here are a few more shots of my Carbon dream.





One Response to “White Hot.”

  1. 1 Navin


    I did not know you were getting one. They really are fast. I rode mine today for the first time this year with the new RYIS (SP) wheels and it was wild. I think I made the right choice. The white is quite nice. I am jelous of that.
    Enjoy! You deserve it. With all of the training and dedication it will be fun for you.



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