75° + Shorts + Sunlight (on a week night) = Happiness.


After again working a bit over the weekend, I was rewarded with leaving a little early from work today. Since Day Light Savings is here, I can nearly kiss the indoor trainer goodbye until next fall. I’m sure we’ll have more snow and some rough days, but having some extra sunlight is a huge boost to my riding excitement.

My ride called for some nasty long intervals. First really hard workout since I got sick a few weeks ago. I trained last week, but kept the intensity low.

They are still a little white, I know:


I was happy with how my body responded. As I finished a 30 minute interval, a guy in a pickup pulled up, smiled and said, “you were going over 30!” I guess that’s a good sign for zone 3 intervals on a windy flat.

The rest of the ride was chill and beautiful.

Since I live in Governors Park near the Golden Triangle in Denver, I usually cruise through downtown on my way in. Here is what I see:

Great sign behind Lola in the Highlands:


About to cross the Ped bridge over I-25:


Paddle course by REI:


Downtown is growing:


Remember, Travel by Train!:



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