Thanks for the Whoopin’


Showed up to the group ride Saturday in Boulder to find it littered with fast locals and more pros than usual. For a minute I thought I was at Toyota-United camp. Also represented were, Slipstream, Bissell, Healthnet and Jelly Belly team riders.

Watch out, these guys will hurt you:


It was a bit on the cold side, but with snow looming later in the weekend … it was a well attended event. As we rolled out of town, we had some nice conversation sandwiched between Tour de France veterans, Olympians and National Champs. Crazy stuff. The ride got moving and we quickly shelled a lot of people.

I was feeling awesome on the way out to Carter. We were hammering and I was happy with how my body was responding after being sick. Problem is, it didn’t really let up! I can only hang out with my heart beating at 170+ for so long. Particularly with a few weeks of so-so training.

We drilled it going into the climb and I didn’t make the front group. I believe I could have, but I was also realizing I was burning matches left and right with guys who have significantly larger matchboxes than me. I needed to conserve a little.

After regrouping at the top for a unusually short stop, we went after it again. There was a crash as we hammered away from Carter lake. While I hate to see crashes on group rides, it was a nice chance to catch my breathe. As we rode away from the crash, I dropped a glove while decending at around 30 mph. I had to stop, turn around, pick it up and try to catch on. Plain and simple, I was F cked.

By this point, the group was together, rotating into a headwind. I actually closed in and caught them, but then there wasn’t much left, so I sat up. I rode in with a Jelly Belly rider who was toast and took it easy for the remainder of the day. Though I ate several times earlier in the ride, I felt like I was bonking, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I guess it’s possible if you factor in the pace and cold, which causes you to blast through calories faster than usual. I was able to hold off the bonk by downing nearly all the food I had left in my back pockets. Whew.

I don’t know if I should be bummed or happy with the ride. On one hand I was hammering for several hours with some bad ass pros, but ultimately, I didn’t hang. Luckily, I missed out on a second crash going into Hygiene.

Amazing how we had two crashes on a group ride consisting of mostly Pros or Cat 1-2 guys. Weird.

UPDATE: Catch another perspective of the ride here

Well, as long as it doesn’t snow, I’ll be pinning up and racing this coming weekend – can’t wait. It’s a ‘B’ race, so I plan to be crazy aggressive and smash it. It’s a hard course, so pain is guaranteed.


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