Pin me up.


As long as the weather holds, I’ll be pinning up for my first race of the year tomorrow. I’m really excited.

After the March Stazio crits in Boulder were cancelled, I’ve been itching to race. Now that I’m feeling healthy, I’m ready to race! It’s a small crit in Greeley, Colorado

The course could be one of the hardest courses I’ve seen on paper in a while. I’d rather race Snake Alley any day over this. If you know much about bike racing, 4 – 90 degree corners around roundabouts equals pure pain. Hell, one – 90 degree turn equals pain!

Luckily it’s only a 75 minute crit, but it’s going to be tough. It would be a great course to get off the front. If you are in the pack, I think it’s a guarantee there will be a race to every corner, followed by hard, hard braking going into the corners followed by 600+ watt efforts out of the saddle leaving the corners.

It’s like a really long interval session with no break.


I’m going to go early and watch the collegiate A race and masters races to see how they play out and how the pack handles each corner. Although this isn’t the best baseline for predicting the Pro race, it should give me a better idea how I handle the course.

Although it’s a “B” race, I’m still looking to have a fast, aggressive race and leave it all out on there!


My lucky pins … these got me through a 6 day Tour in the Dominican without a crash. If you’ve raced in Central America or the Caribbean, you know that’s no small feat.

I’m hoping they watch over me tomorrow.


One Response to “Pin me up.”

  1. 1 Christopher Maharry

    I will be thinking of you. If you think of it call me and let me know how of went.



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