DNFs, Snowboarding and loosing your drivers license.


Eventful weekend to say the least.

Race Report:

Well, the first race of the year didn’t go very well. The course was as hard as I thought it would be, as a matter of fact it was harder. A nice sweeping climb on the backstretch into wind was what got me. It was your classic windy , corporate office park crit. Pretty boring really. I had a strong warmup and my general preparation was great. With no National Calendar Races going on, nearly every front range based Pro cyclist was in attendence.

I rode aggressive knowing it was going to string out. Once Henk Vogels attacked up the road, I knew I was in trouble. On a good day, I can follow the pros wheels, but it was cold windy and my fitness is so – so still. I got popped pretty hard. My result, DNF. Not how I wanted to start the year, but who says racing pro 1/2 is supposed to be easy. I’m confident I have some results in me for this year.

Snowboarding and Speeding Tickets:

To blow off some stream and have some fun, Ralph and I decided to mix it up and drive up to Eldora for some snowboarding on Sunday.

Everything was cool on the way up until my lead foot got me in trouble again. I was pulled over and after 20 minutes, the Police officer came back and said, “we have a little problem.” Just what I wanted to hear.

… but first, the snowboarding report:

The snowboarding was great. Nice packed powder. We got in quite a few sweet runs and my skills are improving more and more. Hit some Black diamonds for the first time. It was exactly what I needed after my sub par race. I have to keep my head high and happy no matter what my result and if snowboarding helps the cause, I’m in.

… Now back to the traffic stop:

Apparently, last year when I paid a speeding ticket, the court forgot to place me on paid status. Subsequently, my license was revoked last May due to an “unpaid ticket”. Somehow, nobody informed me. Why am I not surprised?

I explained the situation to osiffer buzz-cut and he explained he had to take my license and Ralph had to drive. WTF? Unreal. Nothing like being punished for paying your tickets.

I won’t even tell you the shit-show I went through yesterday at the DMV, courthouse, DMV again and still don’t have my license back. It’s been re-instated, but since I forgot my two forms of ID proving to the DMV that I am who I say I am, they can’t re-issue my new drivers license. By the way, I have to pay for the new license.

The courthouse can expect a letter from me asking for not only an apology, but also the cost of the new license. I’m also posting a rating of my police office on ratemycop.com. He was mostly a nice guy, but when he asked me for my home, cell and work phone numbers and my employers name, I quickly realized he was abusing his power. I vowed not to get political on my blog, but this kind of abuse of our rights is ridiculous.

The upside to this mess?

The people watching at various state offices is really top notch. Oh the people you see at the DMV … I saw the sweetest mullets, wallet chains, gansta – struts and a host of other unreal sights.

I have an acupuncture appointment tonight and I’m excited to get my race fitness tuned.

I’ll leave you with a video of me finishing my last snowboarding run. I slowed down quite a bit so I wouldn’t tomahawk my camera into the woods. Gives you an idea what I was doing Sunday though:

Over and Out,



One Response to “DNFs, Snowboarding and loosing your drivers license.”

  1. 1 simonelli

    Wow, I could just about feel the breeze in my hair. We have similarly zealous traffic police over here – particularly for parking.

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