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I’ve been a little out of pocket lately. As I was about to leave town last wednesday to surprise my mom back in Iowa for her birthday, I learned that one of best friends died when his small plane went down in an Orange grove. It’s been surreal loosing one of your best friends and […]

Last weekend my friend Scotty Quinn and I went up to Lookout for a test photoshoot. He has a great eye and had some high dollar lighting rented for a shoot he had later in the week, so we spent an hour on the mountain having some fun. Eventually, I think we’d like to have […]

Ok, I have a quick story to share. So tonight around 5:15, I’m driving home on 6th avenue toward downtown Denver for my daily race to get on my bike after work. I pass a lowered white sedan, I happened to look over right as I passed. I was going, oh – 70 ish, this […]

After a long week working and squeaking in rides, I had a good weekend of organizing, riding and getting caught up on some work, freelance and relaxation. Did my taxes, which was awesome! Mostly because I’m getting a ton of money back. Very nice since I’m footing most of the bill for racing this year. […]

I’m currently back in the throws of getting the shit kicked out of me at work. The week is still young, but yet it feels old. I actually got excited to watch The Office tonight because it felt so late in the week, but then I realized it was Tuesday. Drat!!! The Ad/Design world is […]

This past weekend was the Oredigger classic. It’s a two day race in Golden, Colorado. Saturday is the individual time trial up lookout mountain and Sunday is the circuit race. I felt decent on the lookout climb. My goal was to go under 20 minutes, but I was in the 21 minute range instead. Not […]