Tues? Feels like a Thursday.


I’m currently back in the throws of getting the shit kicked out of me at work. The week is still young, but yet it feels old. I actually got excited to watch The Office tonight because it felt so late in the week, but then I realized it was Tuesday. Drat!!!

The Ad/Design world is feast or famine. One month, it’s 50-60 hour weeks, then for three weeks you can’t find anything to do. Guess what happens next? Yep, it all comes back! Don’t get me wrong, being busy is a good thing, particularly with the economy stuggling, but it’s tough racing to leave work so I can ride in daylight only to think about the hours of work I still have left when I get home.

… and I’m done. Bitching that is

So … Whatcha gonna do?

Me? Keep moving forward and enjoy the ride.

More importantly, what would Larry David do?

Best bumper sticker I’ve seen for a long time:

Here are some examples of what Larry David would do … watch and learn my friends, watch and learn:

(offensive language … earmuffs kids!)

Pee sitting down:

Get in that Ass! (great racing advice):

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