Tokyo Joes Spring Criterium.


After a long week working and squeaking in rides, I had a good weekend of organizing, riding and getting caught up on some work, freelance and relaxation. Did my taxes, which was awesome! Mostly because I’m getting a ton of money back. Very nice since I’m footing most of the bill for racing this year.

Sunday morning, work up and met my buddy who is a photographer for a shoot on Lookout mountain. It was fun, I’ll have a post on the shoot once I get the images.

I went home and relaxed until about 3pm and then headed out to Golden for the crit. The best part about racing in Colorado is nearly every race is 30 minutes away or less and the fields are great. I did a nice hour long warm up heading up highway 40 up the I-70 corridor. The first 10 minutes I felt like hell, but the legs came to life. On the line it was the usual suspects. 70 + of Colorado’s finest.

The big local teams plus Healthnet, Bissel, Toyota-United, Jelly Belly, Slipstream and Team Type 1 had riders. Hell it seemed like whoever wasn’t on the Slipstream Roubaix team was at this crit. Unreal. I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidating. Plus, I havne’t been going all that well so far this year.

Today would be different.

That’s me on the right:

Half the field was on the sidelines after getting popped halfway through the race, but I was hanging tough. I even made a solid bridge attempt to the break containing Henk Vogels and a few other big dogs. It was the first time I felt like I had some legs this year. It wasn’t all that hard of a race, but it was fast. I screwed the field sprint and ended up like 30 ish out of 40 some finishers, but I was stoked to have a good day on the bike. Hopefully, more of those are on the way this year.

Check out the results. I’m on there twice. Unfortunately, the second image is my actual result. It’s been a slow start, so I’ll take it.

Accidental result:

My actual result:


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