Driving on 6th avenue


Ok, I have a quick story to share.

So tonight around 5:15, I’m driving home on 6th avenue toward downtown Denver for my daily race to get on my bike after work.

I pass a lowered white sedan, I happened to look over right as I passed. I was going, oh – 70 ish, this guy was going 50 ish. In that split second as I passed him and looked over, the guy in the car looked right at me.

Pretty strange timing right? It gets better. He was wearing what looked to be giant Bose noise canceling, over the ear headphones and he blew a giant cloud of smoke out of his mouth. What I saw in his right hand just completed the package … a big ass blunt presumably full of weed. Unreal.

Nothing like hotboxing your car during rush hour with your favorite beats boomin’ in your ear …. not that I would know.

I imagine if he had a few more friends in the car, this is what was happening an hour later:

Only 15 minutes later I was just as happy as my new friend Cheech as I pedaled toward the sunset


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