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Had my visit to Boulder Center for Sports Medicine this afternoon. Had some flexibility tests, which I did very well, but we did find my right leg to be shorter. Could this be the culprit of my knee issue? Only the 3D medical bike fit will tell … After that, we went back to the […]

I give this guy nearly all the credit for getting me into bike racing … and sticking with it.  Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers to another year dude! – G

Feeling …




Went for a killer hike yesterday. It felt great to get my heart rate up and take in some fresh air. Ralph let the way with a pretty quick pace, but it was great.  The view is pretty great from the top of the flatirons.

Empty, bone-dry.  Just as my well began to fill up with confidence, fitness and pride, I’m finding my injury has drained it just as fast. BKM has done a great job describing the well and what it means to a bike racer.  This is a rewarding, but all to often humbling sport, both on and off […]

Ok, I’m not going to lie. I was pretty much going nuts last week. Not being able to ride has been tough. Not knowing when I’ll be able to ride is tougher, not knowing when I’ll race next, toughest! The good news – the knee seems to be getting better and I’ve ridden every day […]

Doc says …


I have a plica syndrome on the inside of my right knee, which has resulted in a swollen ligament. One week, no riding … maybe more. BALLS!! While the Doctors at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine tell me that my injury is nothing serious, It’s going to require time off the bike. If I had […]

Um … yeah. As an athlete, when you have to go to the freezer for the bag o’ peas …. it’s never good. This one came out of absolutely nowhere. It’s just part of the game, no biggie. Nevertheless, I’m heading here Wednesday morning to get looked at.

This week.


No racing this weekend. I didn’t feel like racing at 8 am and then destroying myself on a uphill race with 3000 feet of elevation gain in under an hour. Most races in Colorado for the Pro men start after 3 pm and sometimes closer to 5 or 6 pm, which works very well with […]

Another delayed post: The day of Nick’s passing, I had a previously scheduled trip to Iowa to surprise my Mom for her birthday and spend some time with my Dad, Step-mom, Uncle, Little sis, Step dad and Step brother. I wasn’t sure if I should still go home, but being around family around such a […]