Visiting Iowa – April 2008


Another delayed post:

The day of Nick’s passing, I had a previously scheduled trip to Iowa to surprise my Mom for her birthday and spend some time with my Dad, Step-mom, Uncle, Little sis, Step dad and Step brother. I wasn’t sure if I should still go home, but being around family around such a hard time was great.

What did I do in Iowa you ask? Fire a bunch of guns with dad, eat out, relax, drink, watch the Drake Relays in primo seats, surprise my Mom for her birthday, watch movies, eat Tai food, drink coffee and then the weekend was over. It was nice to see everyone!

Here is a photo-dump from my trip, no boring racing pics here of me drooling all over myself.

Disclaimer: The pictures I’m including are a sensational painting of Iowa and my family. Take it all with a grain of salt. We aren’t race car driving, gun toting red necks that live by corn silos …. but that’s totally cool if you are.

Dad firing an AK 47:

Only in Iowa: Racing Limos! I could only dream of riding this stretched Grand Prix on my wedding day (I wonder if it only takes left turns?)

Me: Pretending to be Republican:

Denver has 300 days of sunshine, Iowa has 300 days of gloom (Serious):


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