This week.


No racing this weekend. I didn’t feel like racing at 8 am and then destroying myself on a uphill race with 3000 feet of elevation gain in under an hour. Most races in Colorado for the Pro men start after 3 pm and sometimes closer to 5 or 6 pm, which works very well with my body clock. A few others starts at 8 am- that doesn’t work with my body clock. That’s what time I usually wake up! If I wanted to race that early, I’d be a triathlete!

8 am start time + no prize money = I’d rather just ride.

It was a nice week. I’m still catching up on life after being away, but feeling good and stoked to race in Golden and Boulder next weekend.

It’s been rainy and crazy windy. Not complaining, just saying.

I am keeping this guy in my thoughts and prayers. All we have can be taken from us pretty quickly.

Here are some good memories of rides from this week.

A break at the top of the world:

The man!:

Friday night spin (helmets are for sailors):

Saturday(that’s my camera’s shadow on my face):

Sunday: Damn – That’s a clean truck!


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