Doc says …


I have a plica syndrome on the inside of my right knee, which has resulted in a swollen ligament.

One week, no riding … maybe more. BALLS!!

While the Doctors at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine tell me that my injury is nothing serious, It’s going to require time off the bike. If I had a really big race coming up, they could have injected it and I could ride through it. I’d rather take some time off now and hopefully get it taken care of so I can race hard through the summer and finish strong in early fall.

They took xrays of my knees and they look very good and in line, but this ligament is what’s giving me guff.

It’s weird not being able to ride. I’ll be honest, I’m don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t just ride for training, I do it because it’s a nice way for me to clear my head and enjoy the outdoors.

Aside from icing, my recovery will consist stretching (more than I already do), yoga and walking. That’s right, walking. I went for my first walk tonight. When you train and as much as I do, it’s hard switch to walking. I got passed by a few moms, no joke. I just couldn’t swallow my pride and get my arms swinging like the pro walkers to get any real speed – ha ha. I got home and I was still full of energy, so I started cranking out push ups.


Hopefully, the knee gets good enough in a week to at least ride slow.

For the record, patience is a virtue I’m still in search of …

Also part of the treatment will be a famous Boulder Center for Sports Medicine 3D medical bike fit. They set the gold standard with biomechanics and I’m hoping some adjustments will help my new issues. Get this … my insurance is going to pick up the tab. Yowzer! That’s a nice little nugget of good news to offset my injury woes.

I took some pictures of the doctors office. Why you ask? It was like a cycling and sports museum. Jerseys signed by Tour de France and Olympic champions are all over the walls.

This jersey signed by Michael Barry (Pro Tour Veteran, Olympian) and Dede Demet (olympic medalist) was behind me as I sat on the table in my room:

Just a few of Dr. Andy Pruitt’s passes to sporting events:


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  1. trainer rides…is that like a training bra?

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