Holding it down.


Ok, I’m not going to lie. I was pretty much going nuts last week. Not being able to ride has been tough. Not knowing when I’ll be able to ride is tougher, not knowing when I’ll race next, toughest!

The good news – the knee seems to be getting better and I’ve ridden every day this week, just really, really slow. It feels good though to pedal and breathe in the fresh air. The weather has turned too. We went from snow to 80s and 90s … and that’s cool. 

The upside to the injury? A few. I was able to finish some projects I’ve been trying to tie up, I’ve had time to do normal things like watch TV, read and relax. Best of all, my cousin came to town and I was actually able to hang out. She just graduated and found out about a scholarship for grad school, so we had reason to celebrate!

I love racing, but the monks life does get old. It feels good to do normal 20 something activities like have a social life. We had a great time. Met up with some of her old friends and some of our mutual friends. Had two (that’s right two!) brunches on Sunday. 

Check out some pics from the weekend. 

Hopefully, the blog will go back to a little more “ride with” Garrett soon. I’m hoping to get back to racing on the 31st for the HUGO road race. Fingers crossed! 

The Cuz and I:

Our friend Jo:

Swanky cocktails:

Sunday afternoon on Gaylord street:

Ok, my spirits are high and hopefully my luck turns soon.

Over and Out –



3 Responses to “Holding it down.”

  1. 1 Navin

    NIce cousin. Glad to hear that your head is in the right place. Interesting comparison to being a “monk” Quite true. Raining here. Took Max and Lance for a 12 mile ride on Wednesday for the “Ride of Silence” downtown.
    I am anxious for you to heal.

    Peace and Love

    Christopher Maharry

  2. damn, she’s a hottie. my cousins never looked like that. i did that ride with navin, and the kids WERE quiet–of course, he had them duct taped to a tree…
    get well soon. sorry you’ll miss the devil tomorrow!

  3. 3 Garrett

    Ladies and Gentleman, my dear friends are perverts.

    Common guys … that’s family!

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