Physical Therapy/Bike fit.


Had my visit to Boulder Center for Sports Medicine this afternoon. Had some flexibility tests, which I did very well, but we did find my right leg to be shorter. Could this be the culprit of my knee issue?

Only the 3D medical bike fit will tell …

After that, we went back to the fitting studio. It’s a pretty special place. As I walked back, I saw world champion and national champion jerseys signed. The place is full of cycling memorabilia. Just a testament to the countless champions that have walked the halls there.

Once in the studio, I was greeted by my bike set up on a stationary trainer with power(watt) assessing capabilities. After sticking what seemed to be 20 reflective white balls to my various joints, they had me pedal. The studio has 6 cameras that record your bio-mechanics through the balls carefully placed on your joints. This is the same technology that records Tiger Woods and other athletes actually movements for video games. Sadly, no “Race with Garrett” video game is planned currently : (

They closed the curtains so the cameras wouldn’t have interference with the sensors on my body. After several minutes of riding at a fast pace, I stopped and we opened the curtains and went to the computer. It was amazing watching how my hips, knees and ankles move in my pedal stroke.

During the test (pre-adjustements) the sensors only lit up with the flash:

The good news: Despite the fact my right leg is 1 centimeter shorter than my left and my feet pro nate when I run, my cycling biomechanics were rock solid. The technicians were impressed. While there were some numbers they wanted to work on, they didn’t have much work with me.

Often times, the technicians see people with all kinds of issues, but luckily, I had only two. Cleat placement on my shoe and saddle height.

Amazing, I race Pro 1-2 and my saddle was insanely low. They raised it nearly 4 centimeters – which in cycling fit terms is like a foot. They also moved my cleats out a little so my feet are now a few millimeters away from my bike on each side. Then they moved my stem up about a centimeter. That’s it, I was expecting more, but I guess that’s good that I as close.

Apparently, I’m a rare case where a shorter leg doesn’t cause me any problems with walking, running or riding. My hips, knees and ankles are all in line.

After the adjustments, I got on the bike and it felt niiiice.

The new fit:

My technicians and doctors believe the culprit of the injury was my seat height and prescribed a plan to get me back racing very soon.

I will have more pictures of the bio-mechnics from the screen of the computer soon, I’ll post when I do. It was insanely technical and cool to watch. Having a team of people fitting you to your bike is also pretty damn cool!

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to have the best take care of me today. I’m super excited and can’t wait to smash it again very soon.

2 Responses to “Physical Therapy/Bike fit.”

  1. Way cool man. those balls reflecting because of the flash seriously make you look like a rider from space! hah! 🙂

  2. dude, that halo of yours is slipping. i thought gravity just affected your boobies and balls!

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