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On tuesday night, I raced the Table Mountain training crit in Golden. It was a nice night of racing at 30 mph on the Highway Patrol training track, which is a closed race track with fast twisting turns on the backstretch. It’s always fast, always windy and a lot of fun. No big deal, just […]

What new you ask? A whole lot and very little. The last few months have been filled with work, injury, recovery, visitors, house hunting, new friends and a lot of changes on the horizon. I’m still bummin’ about the fact that from mid-April to pretty much now, there has been no racing to speak of. […]

If you ride and you’ve never been hit by a car, you probably aren’t riding enough. That’s what a good friend of mine Kim always says. It’s a sad truth that most avid cyclist in America have to deal with. Needless to say, I’ve been riding enough. After nearly 3 years, my neck still isn’t […]

Do you party?


Apparently Tom Boonen does. What does one of the best one day cyclists of our era do to prepare for the Tour of Belgium? According to a drug test, he bangs a few lines of blow.  He had been looking skinny lately.  Get some help bro … or you’ll end up like this guy. At […]

I rode from downtown Denver to Golden Gate Canyon state park yesterday. It’s a great canyon that rivals some of the canyons near Boulder. Even better, the traffic is very light and the scenery is beautiful. It’s a long climb (13 miles-ish) and very steep in places. It slowly cooked me. I was stoked to […]

Grocery Getter.


It’s not all fast riding and racing for me. I love cruising the neighborhood too!  Check out my new dream bike. I have to have one!!!  This would give me no excuse to drive to Whole Foods. The new Gary Fisher Simple city:

On the mend.


Well, I’m back in the saddle and back to the business of training daily. I couldn’t be happier and my body is feeling good! My acupuncturist confirmed my body is good last night. I am hoping to make my comeback in a few weeks at the Fort Collins festival. Fingers crossed. The weather is warming […]