Ghost Bike on 32nd.


If you ride and you’ve never been hit by a car, you probably aren’t riding enough. That’s what a good friend of mine Kim always says. It’s a sad truth that most avid cyclist in America have to deal with. Needless to say, I’ve been riding enough. After nearly 3 years, my neck still isn’t the same after the last time a driver asleep at the wheel ran over me. 

If you live or have ridden much in Denver, you know that 32nd is one of the main arteries from downtown or central Denver to Golden and the foothills. On April 19, Shahram Moghadamnia was hit and killed on his bike. The place where Shahram was killed is the only area of 32nd that has ever really scared me. At that point in the road it snakes around several blind corners with no shoulder. While the posted speed limit is slow, rarely do motorists follow the speed limit. 

While 32nd was never designed to be a cycling artery between the city and foothills, I hope this is a wake up call to the cities and communities that a shoulder needs to be added to this stretch of road along with several other safety measures. 

I ride by this particular ghost bike several times a week. Even though I didn’t know Shahram, the first time I saw it, my eyes welled up, I stopped and sat by the bike for a few minutes. No matter how different you are from another cyclist, we have a common bond. It hits me hard everytime I am reminded of the several friends I’ve lost and nearly lost on the roads.

Ghost bikes are a powerful reminder to be careful both on the bike and in the car. 

This post is dedicated to Shahram Moghadamnia, his family and friends.


3 Responses to “Ghost Bike on 32nd.”

  1. nicely written, garrett. i’m going to post this with credits to you on two of my blogs.

  2. 2 SlouchingtowardBoulder

    Very nice memorial. Shahram was a prince of a man; simply one of the best.

  3. 3 shanenia

    garrett, as the son of Shahram it was very warming to read this years later. I think the important thing to keep in mind which I consistently see happening is “in-the-zone” cyclist riding more than one a breast and trying to defy the road and cars on it. please ride safe, and may every last push of your rides be dedicated to those lost simply, playing the game

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