The happenings — Mid/late June.


What new you ask? A whole lot and very little. The last few months have been filled with work, injury, recovery, visitors, house hunting, new friends and a lot of changes on the horizon.

I’m still bummin’ about the fact that from mid-April to pretty much now, there has been no racing to speak of. I take peace in the fact that this is out of my control. The down time has offered time for reflection and opportunities to act like a normal 20 something — cocktails and all (which ended when training ramped back up a few weeks ago.)

This year was supposed to be my year though! I was supposed to notch the big results that got me on the good team, that got me to the bigger races. The season isn’t over yet though. I’ve counted – There are still about 17 races left on the calendar that I can hit up on my budget. I’d love to do a lot more, but so far that’s what I can do. 

While I would lie if I said I wasn’t frustrated with how things have gone so far, I still realize there is a lot of opportunity left this season … and it’s made me super hungry. Mostly, I’m thankful things aren’t worse. 

I’d love to go to some bigger races, so if your team needs a rider who can work, drop me a line. Since I’m on minimal team support this year, the upside to that is minimal obligations. I can pretty much do what I want. This got me thinking. Had my contract not fallen through and I was on a team giving me bikes, travel, money, etc … I would feel like I was blowing a huge opportunity. Being injured when nobody is expecting anything from me is nice. There is no pressure to come back sooner than I should.

I’ve learned a bit of appreciation in the last few months. On that note, I appreciate the fact that I’ve been able to train hard for the last few weeks and I’m feeling strong. I’m extremely excited to race again and can’t wait to get back in the mix. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

Here is what is on deck besides racing. Moving into new place which I’ll share with a great friend from College in downtown Denver, a fishing trip to Alaska with my Dad, a summer filled with bike riding, tai food, commuting to work and spending time with a special someone …

Things are pretty good. 

Gotta run … I have a tuesday night crit to race in Golden. 

Over and Out. 



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