… and we’re back.


On tuesday night, I raced the Table Mountain training crit in Golden. It was a nice night of racing at 30 mph on the Highway Patrol training track, which is a closed race track with fast twisting turns on the backstretch. It’s always fast, always windy and a lot of fun. No big deal, just a training race. What is a big deal – it’s my first race back from my injury. 

I had a lot of fun. I was excited to be back in the pack. I was aggressive from the start, going off the front a few times, trying to get into or establish a break. It was Vitamin Cottage, Slipstream and THF riders relentlessly attacking until a breakaway stuck. After placing myself in nearly every early attempt, I just didn’t have it to go up the road when I needed to. 

While I was pain free and felt good, I knew I was a bit in over my head when I was following a Slipstream rider as he attacked off the front going 28 up a hill … definitely didn’t have the legs to be taking that kind of responsibility. It was a lot of fun though. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the break, but considering training has up and down with the injury, I was happy to finish strong and safe. 

While my fitness isn’t where I would like it to be, I can’t complain after such a rough spring. 

Next up, Niwot Criterium. I’m stoked. 



3 Responses to “… and we’re back.”

  1. 1 Navin

    Thank you for the update. If I can’t race it is fun to hear about someone that is.

    I will look forward to more fun race stories.



  2. likewise–glad to hear you are feeling better and riding well.
    is ragby NOT on the horizon? it’s gonna be a great one this year.

    take care, dude.

  3. whoohoo! Good stuff! Good to hear that you’re back from the mend. 🙂

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