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It’s inevitable. Shortly after returning from a vacation, all hell breaks loose.  This sums things up: It’s Wednesday, but it feels like some new day that hasn’t been invented. A day that would come at toward the end of a 14 day week. I doubt I’m making sense. I’m toast amidst a never ending week […]

Climbing …


After spending most of the week working hard and doing my best to get the blood flowing in my legs after the vacation, I finally had a good fast ride. After another crazy, but good day at the office, I headed up to Lookout for 3 trips up and down the mountain. The first few […]

The day I left for my fishing trip and a brief visit with the family in the midwest, I raced the Colorado State Criterium Championships. Things went good and bad. We’ll just say, I helped put the capital ‘M’ in Mediocre.  The upside, I rode at the front and positioned myself well for the inevitable […]

I’ve been M.I.A for the last week. After a solid day at Colorado State Crit Championships, which I’ll write more about later, I headed up to Alaska with Dad for some fishing.  It was good times. Check out the photos



It’s pretty much as rad as I expected and it even matches my race bike.

Every year since pretty much 1998, I always ask my friends who follow cycling who they think will test positive for banned substances. Someone always tests positive.  Congrats to ass-hole of the day Manuel Beltran! The first dope positive of the 2008 Tour!!! I’ve heard comparisons that performance-enhancing drug use can be just as addicting […]

Long weekend.


(Condensed to 4 sentences) Hung out with friends and their super cool twins in Boulder. Got in a few chill rides in Boulder. Had a nice 4th complete with 4 beers. Raced the historic Niwot crit in Niwot, Colorado.  Half-wheel Hendy and I (some goons stole our helmets … swear): (Now the long version). Things sound […]

While my knee injury seems to have subsided. I feel like the remainder of the season, I’m going to need to continue to be careful how hard I push it in training. I’ve been stoked how well my form has been despite my training woes related to the injury in May and June. Maybe I […]