Long weekend.


(Condensed to 4 sentences)

Hung out with friends and their super cool twins in Boulder.

Got in a few chill rides in Boulder.

Had a nice 4th complete with 4 beers.

Raced the historic Niwot crit in Niwot, Colorado. 

Half-wheel Hendy and I (some goons stole our helmets … swear):

(Now the long version).

Things sound much more fun and simple when I condense them down to a few sentences. The reality was, the weekend got a rough start after I drove to Boulder only to realize I forgot my racing shoes and helmet. Let’s back up though. Before I realized that, a black cat ran in front of me as I pulled into my friends house.


The rest of the weekend was fun, chill and mostly uneventful. Felt like a million bucks on the bike Friday and Saturday. Sunday, I started getting nervous and freaked out about the race. In hindsight, I was spooked going into the race. While warming up, my legs felt like ass and although they came around as the race approached, I was straight up frazzled. Very strange and unlike me. 

There were 100 starters and 40 some finishers. Pro teams Garmin-Chipotle, Healthnet, Successful living and Team Type 1, were all represented. If you are wondering what Tom Danielson was doing instead of racing the Tour de France, I can tell you. He was attacking the field at Niwot relentlessly.  

I started strong and even after the onslaught of attacks from the heavy hitters went, I was still cool. Then I got bumped off my line in a corner and popped out of my pedal. I went to clip back in and my cleat wouldn’t go back in. At this point, I’m watching 40-50 guys fly by me and the whole field is single file. I was able to click back in just in time to take up the caboose of the pain train. F*ck!!!!!

I stayed in for a few more laps, but I was done. More mentally than physically, but I just wasn’t feeling it. 

The fact that more than half the field didn’t finish is marginally comforting, but I’m super bummed and disappointed. My form isn’t great, but I had it to finish — plain and simple. 

I feel like in the middle of my second year as Pro 1-2 pack meat and it’s starting to stink.

I’m not a big Lance fan, but I love one of his quotes: “It’s not that I love winning, it’s that I hate loosing”.

I know the feeling …

I’m looking forward to racing Tuesday night in Golden. Should be more fun and I intend to smash it.

Over and out.


One Response to “Long weekend.”

  1. nice report. glad to hear you’re feeling much better. damned pedals.
    i spent the weekend listening to some VERY good music and cruising on the old bikes.
    ran into some toxic clouds. feeling better now. ;-))

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