Here we go again …


Every year since pretty much 1998, I always ask my friends who follow cycling who they think will test positive for banned substances. Someone always tests positive. 

Congrats to ass-hole of the day Manuel Beltran! The first dope positive of the 2008 Tour!!!

I’ve heard comparisons that performance-enhancing drug use can be just as addicting as recreational drugs. I’m starting to believe it. Every Pro Tour rider knows sponsors are getting harder to find and the doping is ruining the sport and it’s credibility. So why keep doping? 


Hope you enjoy your retirement Mr. Beltran … you dick.

P.S. At least you have some great memories of being Lance Armstrong’s teammate for some of his biggest tour wins.


One Response to “Here we go again …”

  1. 1 Navin


    That was a funny post. I had just gotten done reading that same article. For some reason I was hoping that the first man to get busted would be a “nobody”. Not so.
    Maybe I am just stupid but I really enjoy watching the tour. Let’s hope Manuel is the last of the “busted”.


    Christopher Maharry

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