Colorado State Championships


The day I left for my fishing trip and a brief visit with the family in the midwest, I raced the Colorado State Criterium Championships. Things went good and bad. We’ll just say, I helped put the capital ‘M’ in Mediocre. 

The upside, I rode at the front and positioned myself well for the inevitable break and/or field sprint. About 20 minutes in, on the backstretch as I was cornering around 10th place in a pack of nearly 100, I heard a boom and suddenly I was battling to keep my bike upright. Luckily, I was able to keep it upright, roll into the pit and grab a new wheel. Nothing like having a blowout at 30 mph in a corner on the front. As I was in the pit, the break went. Bummer. I would have most definitely been in position to be in the break had I not flatted. 

It was a somewhat boring 90 minute death march in sweltering heat just like last year. I faded a bit in the end, but felt 10x’s better than last year. With like 7 laps to go, I looked up and Reichardt was in the middle of the road. Somehow he crashed, but luckily, nobody else really went down. Now things were nervous though …

With 3 to go, I started positioning myself for a field sprint. It became obvious we were going to catch the break. On the final lap, a Canadian JetFuel rider almost took me out in the second to last corner as he got a flat tire. He and I kept it upright, but it screwed my chances at a top 10. 

Big congrats to 50 something year old, hardman Vitamin Cottage rider Alan McCormack for pulling down the win. You read correctly, a 50+ man won the Colorado State Pro Crit Championships. The guy did race the Vuelta and the Coors Classic, so he comes from good stock, but WOW. Good job Reichardt on the second place in lieu of crashing just a few laps earlier.

With big national pro teams represented, Vitamin Cottage takes the state crit again. Unreal, but nice work. 

I’m bummed, but ultimately lucky I didn’t loose any skin. My form is finally starting to come back and so is my confidence. 

See if you can find me in these photos:


One Response to “Colorado State Championships”

  1. 1 Navin


    Sweeeeet fishing images. It looks like you really had a good time. What a day on The “Alp” today huh?
    I am getting a tad geeked up I will admit.

    Thank you for posting the images of the race also. You look tough. That is what counts right?


    Christopher Maharry

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