Best Week Ever? No.


It’s inevitable. Shortly after returning from a vacation, all hell breaks loose. 

This sums things up:

It’s Wednesday, but it feels like some new day that hasn’t been invented. A day that would come at toward the end of a 14 day week. I doubt I’m making sense.

I’m toast amidst a never ending week of insanity. 

Here is what I wish was happening:

After a nice weekend of riding, relaxing, dinner out and a visit from my cousin, this week has really been kicking my ass. Between work being crazy, dentist appointments, freelance and my truck having problems, it was also the week I moved out of my place into a new one. 

While I thought I would be able to keep up with my rides during moving, so far – I’ve failed miserably. Hopefully, I can get in a short one tonight and salvage some legs for this weekends Crits here in Denver. Sunday is the Bannock crit, which is my neighborhood race. It’s a fun, fast course and I might have some spectators to watch me. Not the best run-up for a race I was shooting for a result, but that’s just how it goes. 

The good news, I’m moved in, my truck is fixed and things should finally start chilling out a bit. 



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