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Season Ending.


Number 13 — The number I pinned on for the final race of the year. Huh. (it’s tradition to pin your number upside down if you get number 13): Last spring, I envisioned a promising potential breakout season. A season where I could earn a spot on a solid team for next year. At minimum […]

Since upgrading to the Pro 1-2 ranks, I’ve struggled to find my top end speed. In my research, I’ve read and heard that there are a few ways to build speed. Track racing, Fixed gear training(in Lycra, not skinny jeans) and Motor pacing all rise to the top. As I intend to do all 3 […]

I entered the Vic’s prospect crit in Longmont on Saturday. I emphasize “entered” because the amount of racing I did was limited to 10 minutes. That’s how long I lasted. There is nothing like paying an entry fee that equals 3 dollars a minute and no finish. It was a new course, super fast, smooth […]

I’m not a morning person, but this morning was great.

Half of my best friends from college live in Southern California, the other half live in Manhattan in what I like to call the real world house. They call it 2 dubss (that’s NY speak for bat-sh*t crazy). They are currently entertaining themselves with a NYC Wednesday night kickball league. Said lunatics: Imagine 6 young […]

Bobby Lea and Sarah Hammer, Champions or Ninjas assassins?: Photo: Agence France Presse So this story has been all over the media today. First of all why are USA cycling athletes (or any athlete) apologizing for wearing filtered masks in China? Clearly, this is political, but if anyone should apologize, it should be the Chinese […]

That sucked.


When my knee issues hit the fan in May, I was bummed, but still optimistic I could salvage the season. With just a few weeks left of racing on my calendar, unless something changes, this season will go down as a uneventful. I’m definitely going to do all I can to have a strong close […]

After the craziest week of moving and overall insanity, I’m finally back to riding. One observation while riding … Denver is officially hot as hell. Yowzer!  I’m looking forward to racing this weekend. Ill get a chance to see how my “taper” this week works. Here is me enjoying a ride: