Apologize for what? We’re Ninjas.


Bobby Lea and Sarah Hammer, Champions or Ninjas assassins?:

Photo: Agence France Presse

So this story has been all over the media today. First of all why are USA cycling athletes (or any athlete) apologizing for wearing filtered masks in China? Clearly, this is political, but if anyone should apologize, it should be the Chinese government or even USA cycling for making our medal contenders shlep their own bikes, wheels and gear around the Beijing airport.

Pretty busch league. I can tell you from experience. Hauling your own gear through international airports is exhausting. I’m busch league, so I can’t complain.

These are freaking Olympians!!! Or are they? Upon further inspection, I say they are Ninjas!

While these games were supposed to be an exposition for China to show the world their advancements, it’s mostly been a continual PR disaster for the giant and exposed human rights and environmental issues to the rest of the world. It’s a good thing their Coal burning factories don’t produce anything that American’s buy … heh.


I have a wish: Sarah Hammer, Jennie Reed, Mike Friedman, Bobby Lea and Mini-Phinney … go win some medals … and wear those masks on the podium!

Now that would be a statement.

Jennie Reed, World Champion or Ninja! 


One Response to “Apologize for what? We’re Ninjas.”

  1. ninjas?
    nah, they’re all hanibal lecter,
    ready to devour the competition.

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