Vic’s Prospect Crit


I entered the Vic’s prospect crit in Longmont on Saturday. I emphasize “entered” because the amount of racing I did was limited to 10 minutes. That’s how long I lasted. There is nothing like paying an entry fee that equals 3 dollars a minute and no finish.

It was a new course, super fast, smooth and lots of corners. It was strung out from the start and within 15 minutes, the field was decimated. 

I felt good, but I just don’t have the speed or fitness. I thought I would be able to make it back from my injury, but the gapping holes in my fitness and speed don’t mix well with Colorado’s best finding their best form of the year.

Final Selection cornering:

Those who understand bike racing will realize from watching this just how fast it was out there. This isn’t a fast lap shown, this is how the whole race was.

While I showed a glimmer of hope at State Championships that I might be able to save my injury riddled season, I think the writing is on the wall.

I’ve decided that while there are races for the rest of August and a little into September, I’m going to pull the plug on the season after next weekends Boulder Roubaix. The speeds in the criteriums are so high that I can’t even stay on the back to “race into shape”. I just don’t think there is any time left for my form to come.

There is nowhere to hide when it’s strung out single file for an hour an a half at 30 mph. If I had deeper pockets; I’d stay after it, but I sometimes you have to cut your losses. I’m very much looking forward to Boulder-Roubaix though and hope to finish with a bang. I have a solid plan for this fall building into next year and have confidence I will be able to race with the best next year. 

Garmin-Chipotle’s Jason Donald Winning:



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