The Need For Speed.


Since upgrading to the Pro 1-2 ranks, I’ve struggled to find my top end speed. In my research, I’ve read and heard that there are a few ways to build speed. Track racing, Fixed gear training(in Lycra, not skinny jeans) and Motor pacing all rise to the top. As I intend to do all 3 leading into and during next year, I figured I’d start getting prepared. 

Growing up there was no Velodrome within 5 hours, so I’ve never watched Track racing live. Last night a friend and I cruised down to the land of the God-fearing Republican (Colorado Springs) to check out some weeknight Track racing. 

Two words: I’m in! I absolutely can’t wait to race on the track. I saw a few familiar faces including guys I race with on the road and Womens Cyclocross star Katie Compton racing with the men. I think the Madison was my favorite event. I just can’t wait to hit one of those banked turns going 35. G-Force, here I come. 

Now … if we could just get a track built in Denver/Boulder.


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