Season Ending.


Number 13 — The number I pinned on for the final race of the year. Huh.

(it’s tradition to pin your number upside down if you get number 13):

Last spring, I envisioned a promising potential breakout season. A season where I could earn a spot on a solid team for next year. At minimum I was hoping to earn a little team/sponsor support for next year to alleviate some of the financial and logistical stress associated with racing at my level.  

The reality was a season filled with nearly zero good results, frustrations, injuries, and the death of a dear friend. While I’m frustrated my results didn’t match my perceived commitment to the sport, I do believe I’ve learned a lot. If success was easy, everyone would achieve it.

While my racing spirit is a bit battered, it’s far from broken. 

I’m already finding the silver linings and looking forward to getting back on my bike in a month to start my training for next year! No cross racing this year, just training for next year. I’m planning on a lot of base, both on the bike in the gym.

Despite some shortcomings in my racing due to thing both in and out of my control, I’m thankful for a lot in my life right now — both on and off the bike. I would like to think I’ve learned a great deal this year, I intend to show myself and my competitors next season. I’m not sure how much of my “learnings” I’ll choose to share here. Actions do speak louder than words right?

In the coming months, my schedule, goals and plans for next year will slowly emerge. For now, I’m taking time off the bike until October first. 

For now, I’m enjoying myself with friends and taking some time to have some fun!



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