The way it should be.


Check out this video of the 2008 singlespeed cyclocross world championships. 

Smoke machines, drum lines, costumes, fun, lack of clothing, shenanigans, etc, etc.

More bike races should look like this. 

While cross really hurts and it isn’t my discipline of choice, the scene and vibe is solid gold.

Here is my analogy.


The cross racing scene is like being at a Guns in Roses show in 1992 after Faith no More and Metallica just warmed the crowd up and Axle just made everyone wait 2 hours. Axle walks out on stage and shrieks and screams “are you ready to f*cking rock” … and then Slash appears with a cigarette hanging, leather pants, no shirt, Les Paul guitar slung low and then he tears into the opening to Welcome to the Jungle.

….The crowd goes wild. 


Imagine being at a Moody Blues show in 1998 for the tour where they are promoting their “greatest hits” album (oxymoron anyone?), with a half empty arena and a bunch of Tommy Bahama shirt wearing mullet D-bags singing along “once upon a time in your wiiiild-est dreams (ooo-aaa-aaah)” during the encore. 

Catch my drift?

(as a side note, I wasn’t at that GNR/Metallica/Faith no More show, it only exists in my dreams. I am however embarrassed to say, I was at that Moody Blues show at Veterans Auditorium in Des Moines, IA. with my parents contemplating how I could escape and/or kill myself to stop the pain the concert was causing me. I should also mention I had tickets to Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood tour, but my Mom wouldn’t let me go because she thought they worshipped the devil — I still haven’t forgiven her).

Cross scene = Rad, Road and crit scene = eh (which is sad, because it could be 10x’s better)

This coming from a road and crit racer. 

I’m sick of going to a race and having nothing more than shitty 90’s techno playing in the background of a bad announcer as I get ready to do battle with the nations best. 

That’s all I’m sayin’.


One Response to “The way it should be.”

  1. OMG. you’re right! This is bloody brrriillliiant!

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