Cross could go big.


Here is another reason I believe cross could possibly be the cycling discipline that could punch through to mainstream in the United States. 

Tim Johnson scores the Red Bull helmet: 


By mainstream, I don’t mean dentists buying Treks, rolling around in US Postal and Discovery channel kits and watching one race a year (Le Tour). I mean people watching it for fun, paying entry to watch a race and young people getting involved.  

This is a coveted sponsorship by any helmet wearing athlete. Can anyone name a roadie who’s ever been given this honor?

I’ll help you out … NOBODY.

Red Bull sponsoring a cross athlete is a big deal. When one of the most coveted and respected sponsors in alternative sports recognizes an athlete and a sport, it could be a big sign. 

While I’m happy for TJ to land such a dope sponsor, I hope for his health he isn’t drinking it before or during races. Cross racing + Red Bull seems like a one way ticket to a heart attack. Although, Tom Boonen dove into the booga-suga and his heart never exploded. He just won a bunch of races … so you never know. 

Now if they could just figure out how to get X-games or ESPN to pick up Cross, I think these guys could start making some dough and start getting hotel rooms instead of couch surfing. Cross is way more fun to watch than Nascar. There is jumping, running riding and in addition to left turns there are also … wait for it … right turns. 

All this cross talk makes me want to actually race. Maybe I’ll jump into a race this weekend. 



3 Responses to “Cross could go big.”

  1. 1 rob


    funny you wrote about this, i agree 100%. i saw that picture this morning and thought the EXACT same thing. if redbull is paying attention, big things could be happening in ‘cross over the next few years. if big sponsors put money into it and bring it to the masses, it’s gonna grow like wildfire. there’s no better cycling discipline for spectators. period.


  2. 2 Navin

    Exciting as hell. Nice that I get to follow a RV comment. Hard to do well that is for sure.

    The problem is not enough people know what a HUGE deal it is to have Red Bull behind him.

    Thank you as always for your insight.


    Christopher Maharry

  3. Wow. I’m post RV & Maharry? Sweet.

    RB has been a grass-roots follower of the sport for years locally. RV & I have had the contacts to get them out to races and practices. It is super-tough to get them to put the money behind anything, so kudos to TJ for rocking it. I was worried they would put him in a Tim DeBoom style party-hat 😉

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