2009 Garmin Slipstream Team Presentation



On Saturday night, a friend and I had a chance to go to the 09′ team presentation for Garmin Slipstream. It was a star-studded cycling event. Aside from the team members for Garmin Slipstream, there were several Tour de France stage winners, olympians and a number of domestic pros in the audience. 

At one point during the intermission, I was waiting next to a world champion, tour stage winner and Olympic champion. Wowie.

There was a great documentary of the team that was shown and an auction, where some of the coolest equipment was auctioned for below it’s retail price. The TT bike Vande Velde rode to 4th place in the tour was auctioned off for just over 7K. It’s alot of money, but if you bought it new with the wheels it came with, it would easily exceed 10K. I’m glad someone scored a nice deal. Then the raffle for the full team bike went to what looked to be a 12 year old girl. Hopefully, she starts racing…

There was also a Q&A session that got pretty candid. 

Check out some clips below:

Mike Friedman and Cozza:

Gold Medalist, Bradley Wiggins:

Dave Zabriskie:

One Response to “2009 Garmin Slipstream Team Presentation”

  1. Real cool G- thanks for sharing. My buddy from college, Jake, is the PR rep for Garmin. He got to ride the chopper with JV in last summer’s TdF. Some guys have all the luck.

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