Primal/Bang Salon 2009



Christmas came a little early for me this year. After a rough season, I wasn’t too optimistic that I would land a spot on a good team for the coming year. With some persistence and luck, I was asked to be a part of the Primal/Bang Salon elite team for 2009. 

The Hauln’Ass club (H.A.R.T) has a big presence and long history in Colorado and I’m proud to be a part of such a fun, fast and experienced group of guys. 

I will post the full roster for the elite team once it’s totally finalized. 

In the meantime, check out some of our Sponsors for 09′ on the links panel to your rights. I’m mostly excited about my new BH bike that should arrive shortly after christmas. Anyone want to buy a lightly used Cervelo R3 … size 56? 

For now, I’m excited as hell to have some more support! I can’t wait for the season.



3 Responses to “Primal/Bang Salon 2009”

  1. 1 rob

    yo g,

    congrats on your new gig! but i’m not in love with your eyewear deal……………

  2. congrats to you, sport. did you do the jersey design?
    do all the guys dress identically head-to-toe, as in big lou’s wet dream?

    speaking of big, there’s a big old blizzard blowing in this afternoon: 25-35 mph NW winds, with -25F to -35F windchills. wish you were here to take your turn at the front!! it’s ice beard weather.

    see ya at xmas?

  3. sweet g – great to see you’re geeked on ’09.

    Rassys is riding 2hr inside today. I think I’ll just wait for the blog reports.

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