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That’s the number of my Hematocrit from my yearly physical bloodwork. Although it fluctuates throughout the year, it’s not bad for a clean athlete.

Indoors it is.


I really try to avoid “riding” inside, but when it’s below 30 and snowing, I break down and jump on the trainer. Spring gets closer every day!

Apparently, Velo does have a pulse on things. Although I doubt my last blog post had anything to do with the coverage and polls over the last two days, it does look like I beat them to the punch.  The results are interesting. It looks like a presidential poll. People basically love or hate the […]

The News.


I’m glad someone is reporting on something other than Lance fever in racing right now. Velonews, Cycling News … take note. There are other stories of interest in the pro peloton that don’t involve the colors yellow and black. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have Lance back, but with him back, it seems the news […]

Light Lane


What a great idea. Hopefully, it comes to be sooner than later.

Remember …


… I’m still trying.



New ride arrived today. Should have it built by this weekend. (insert excitement here)

The commute.


With my aspirations higher than ever coming into this season, my workload outside of cycling is equally high and large. With the economy in the shape it is, I’m thankful for the challenge. That being said, the riding and the rest must happen at some point. You don’t ever find time, you make it. I […]