The commute.


With my aspirations higher than ever coming into this season, my workload outside of cycling is equally high and large.

With the economy in the shape it is, I’m thankful for the challenge. That being said, the riding and the rest must happen at some point.

You don’t ever find time, you make it. I need time to ride my bike …

Enter commuting on my bike.


I have a reverse commute to work. I live in a downtown neighborhood and I work in the burbs. It’s a 30 minute each way if you take the straight shot, but I opt for the 45 min – 1 hour route, which equals 1.5 – 2 hours a day. Solid weekday hours alone combining my 6-10 hour weekends on the bike. Some days I take my cross bike, others, my road bike.

It’s a challenge to wake up early, put on a ton of clothes, eat, pack lunch, etc, etc.

… but the feeling I have when I take off in the dawn for my short journey is hard to put into words. No ipod, just the wind, my thoughts and adjusting my mind for the day ahead.

The way home is in the dark, at least for the next few months. I embrace the darkness in it’s beauty as I rode on a slight downhill from the foothills of Lakewood to downtown. I struggle to keep focus on the road as the beauty of Denver’s humble skyline pulls me away from the task at hand.


I keep my pace in line because it’s January, but when I return home many of the days anxieties have drifted away.

For the next three months while the darkness meets our days around 5 pm, I’ll do all I can to ride outside. I’m going to do so by riding to work 3-4 times a week and as long as we aren’t covered in ice, I hope to spend no more than 1 day a week on the trainer. 

Cycling on an indoor trainer is not riding. 

It’s strange because the hassles of commute preparation fade away when you drive to work again and realize how much riding in a car sucks compared to riding. 



One Response to “The commute.”

  1. well said, grasshopper.

    enjoy, and stay safe, dude.

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