Divided we stand.


Apparently, Velo does have a pulse on things. Although I doubt my last blog post had anything to do with the coverage and polls over the last two days, it does look like I beat them to the punch. 


The results are interesting. It looks like a presidential poll. People basically love or hate the Lance coverage, others think it’s “just right”.

I’m glad they finally published something about the other comebacks. Interested to see how Floyd goes in California. I predict it will be impressive and I hope he punches the air with a p()rno stash like the 2006 tour. I always loved his Nascar style. 

That being said, nice work down under LA. I’m impressed. Seasoned pro’s were being popped off the back and you were definitely in the mix … in January no less. Looking toward the Giro or Tour , I wouldn’t bet against him.


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