Valley of the Sun Update


Well, as a super early race in the year, I didn’t come with expectations. It’s been humbling to say the least. The TT was sub par and the Road race was just short of a pure sh*t show.

I had a great first few laps. Covered the front for my team, bridged some gaps and went off the front. Then we went up the climb with for the KoM sprint, which was right after I came back from a break attempt. No joke we crested the climb going 21 mph in the big ring. Bad timing and I was cooked. POP! Done.

Now I’m off the pack and the wind has picked up. I decided to finish to stay on the GC so I could help the team in the crit. It as a long ass 100 mile day eith a lot of time to ponder things alone. It was pretty humbling really. I did finish though.

To make matters worse, I’m not even on the official results right now.(which I hope I should get fixed tomorrow) I would have protested, but they clearly stated no results would be posted at the course and all protests would have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh …. But there’smore. The Cat 3s had a 4 ambulance, nasty, finale crash about a half hour before the pro men and Cat 2 finished. Coming into the finish with 1 k to go, the finish was neutralized. Whaaa?

Nothing like racing for 100 miles for zero results. I hope everyone from the crash is ok and I’m not sure I would have done anything different if I was officiating, but wow, what a raw deal for a lot of guys.

There is some good in all this. Amanda Miller is in first overall for the women and most likely going to take the overall and her first pro road win. My team members Drew and Peter are already looking damn good and I should have some great fitness gains from this crazy weekend, albeit most likely finishing in Dead last on the GC.

Good times.

Now, the crit tomorrow

One Response to “Valley of the Sun Update”

  1. good luck, dude. those long, hard, lonely miles often are the most productive, mentally if not physically.

    great news about amanda. if either of you feel like calling in during the show, i’d love to talk with you.


    go hard today.

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