Fun Day.


Quick Rundown:


I decide to ride to work for extra miles. It’s supposed to be sixty degrees, so I’m in. As I start riding and realize what a beautiful day it is, I feel a squishy rear wheel.

Flat! Bummer, but no biggie.

So I change it and I’m on my way. 

Get to work, start riding up the parking garage. As I turn a corner going oh … about 6 mph uphill my front wheel disappears from underneath as I slide out. Very weird at that speed.

Luckily, my face was there to break the fall. No joke.

Nothing like breaking in some brand new custom shades by smashing them. No broken bones, I just feel like I got punched in the face. Luckily, no broken skin either. I have a nice raspberry on my shoulder and knee. I look at my red patagonia jacket and realize it’s black where it hit the ground. From what I can gather, I slipped on a giant buildup of Mag-Chloride. Sweet.  

I get up, shower and then file a complaint with HR and building management and get going with my day. I did find it interesting that two other cyclist that commuted in slipped on the same spot. Nothing like having 3 artists on staff land on their right side. 

From 8:30 – 5:00 it’s deadlines and work sprinkled with some twittering. Fun, fun, fun! 

5:10 – I’m on the road. It’s gorgeous!!! 

All of the sudden something isn’t right. I look down to see I’m down a derailler pulley. F#####CK! What do I do?

I decide to make a single speed on the spot by removing the derailler and shortening the chain. This took all of 5 minutes. Presto. Done.

As I near REI in downtown Denver, the chain involunarily skips up a few cogs, overtensions and explodes all over. Without enough chain to piece the rig back together I’m screwed.

Or wait, I’ll just use the links I took out earlier.

DOH! I had forgot the links I took out about 5 miles back where I had my roadside single speed conversion. 

Son of a …. 

I realized I’m screwed.

I sat there for a few moments looked at the stand still traffic on I-25 and realized I’d still rather be in this predicament than driving. As I looked down at the pieces of chain in my hands I realize there is only one thing I can do.

Throw them all as far as I can while yelling my favorite obscenity.

I proceed to throw the pieces of chain as hard as I can at the Platte River as I simultaneously yell F*CK!!!!!!!!!

This is also the point where it dawns on me that the old XT derailler I had on my cross bike had been looking at me wrong lately. Plus, it was already in the doghouse.

I dig it out of my messenger bag and do the smart thing.

Throw it in the Platte river.

So I spent the next 30 minutes using my bike as a push scooter and made it home around 6:40. I could have stopped by REI for some help, but no. I needed to get home on my own. Calling for help was also not an option. 

I decided that my Giant Cross bike is going to be a single speed now. Mostly because it will be cheaper to make it a single speed than to keep it geared.

Amidst the crappiness of my commute both ways, it was great that nearly every cyclist that passed asked if they could help as I used my bike as a scooter.

A lot worse could have happened and it’s pretty laughable now that it’s all over.

Plus, at least I’m not DZ today. BUMMER.


4 Responses to “Fun Day.”

  1. Great story, though a the time it sounds like a pretty crappy day–are you able to laugh about it yet?

  2. 2 Garrett

    I’m already laughing about it and looking forward to riding and racing my cross bike as a single.

  3. Good for you on both accounts. Though SS CX sounds daunting, I’ve heard the simplicity aspect can be a benefit. Besides, as long as you beat one geared dude, betty or one-legged racing chimp, you’ve won something, right?


  1. 1 Single Speed Road Bicycles

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