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Humble pie


It was a hard day at Deer Trail. Many of my predictions were wrong. My team showed toughness, character and spirit. As we all know, effort doesn’t always equal results. Several of us didn’t finish, including me, while others gave the paid pros a run for their money. Congrats Drew and Nick on the strong […]

Bring the pain.


Tomorrow is Deer Trail, a mid-west-ish road road in eastern Colorado (aka:Kansas). Looks like about 51 Pro 1-2 riders are registered. All the big Colorado teams are fielding good squads. Natural Grocers (new Vitamin Cottage name), Subaru Auto-Vista, Rocky Mountain bicycles, my team Primal/Hart, Excel Sports, Horizon Organic, Rio Grande, etc, etc. While I think […]

One year ago.


We lost a good one. Miss you buddy!

If you’ve never heard of Neko Case, here is your introduction. If you want a taste of the new album, here you go. I’ve been a fan for years, but I have not been able to stop listening to this new album. I can’t wait to see her when she stops in Denver. Tickets are […]

Well, it’s the middle of April and as I think back on March, the last month seems a bit surreal — mostly because of the weather. Only a month ago I was racing in shorts. The past few weeks have not included much time wearing shorts (boo-hoo). It’s like the winter we should have had […]

39 and raining


Here is a taste of the last outdoor I had this week. That is before the 12 inches of snow, slush and rain cancelled another round of weekend racing here in Colorado.  FIngers crossed for tomorrow to ride outside, but I’m anticipating training indoors … in April no less. One of these days, racing season […]



This twitter feed from Molly sums it up. Sad stuff. I wish Tyler luck.



Um, yeah. Winter never ends. When does racing season start back up? I’m willing and ready.

After the last album, there were some rumors the band wasn’t doing so well and a split might be in the future. Lucky for us, they are still together. Their sound has progressed, but with a little bit more of a pop sound. That being said, it’s been at the top of my listening list […]

This is pretty funny: