Black Keys, Attack and Release


I’ve been a huge music fan since I was about 8. It dawned on me, that I could spice up they ol’ blog with something besides boring stories of me riding and racing. Indulging in narcissistic blogging makes me feel guilty. 

From now on, expect to see what I’m listening to a few times a month. I might write a review, I might now. I’ll keep you in the loop with my current music obsessions. 


Today, I’m all over The Black Keys – Attack and Release. They are pretty young guys, but have a refined stripped down, rock and blues-infused sound. Like the White Stripes, you’ll be amazed at the beauty and rich sound these two guys create. I have a bunch of their earlier stuff, which is all very worthwhile, but there is a definite progression with this album.

Check it out.


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